Medieval burials in Hexham

04th December 2023 Rocket in the Media
Medieval burials in Hexham

Our recent work at a redevelopment project in Hexham has made a bit of a stir in the press as we found medieval burials!

We were commissioned by Allan Fenwick to attend his site in the middle of historic Hexham to monitor groundworks that were needed to install a lift. The archaeological monitoring was required as part of a planning condition and our team ensured that the correct legal procedures were followed for the excavation of the burials that were found beneath the concrete floor slab. Parts of up to seven burials were found within this small space and we think that they were originally associated with a nearby medieval chapel, long since lost. The burials will now be carefully washed and dried before they are examined by our in-house specialist to find out more about the people buried here, and when they died. A first glance suggests that those buried here included adults (both men and women) and children.

It is a really exciting discovery. The site is across the road from Hexham Abbey, which was originally built in the 7th century and was a major Christian centre in the medieval period. The excavation site lies within the precinct of the medieval abbey and even this small window into the past, allows us to uncover more of the fascinating history of medieval Hexham

Any further work at the site will also be carried out under archaeological supervision.

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