New appointment – Alison Douglas

04th September 2023 Company News
New appointment – Alison Douglas

Today we welcome new appointment Alison Douglas to The Rocket Group team! She will be based from our Dundee office and is taking up the role of Archaeology & Heritage Consultant.

Alison has been working for a large engineering consultancy and graduated from the University of Glasgow with undergraduate and post graduate degrees in archaeology. She has authored numerous Heritage Statements, Desk-Based Assessments and Archaeological Written Schemes of Investigation. Alison is effective at working to tight deadlines delivering work of the required standard and quality and communicating effectively with colleagues and clients.

Alison has also undertaken significant research into the Graffiti on the Cochno Stone, a Neolithic Rock-Art panel in Clydebank, Scotland. Her work indicated the longevity of the use of the landscape. Alison was instrumental in raising the importance of this landscape to the Scottish Government, by highlighting the work with the community and the national importance of the Rock-Art landscape. Two parliamentary motions have been passed in the Scottish government (S5M-22851 & S5M-24460) because of Alison’s work.

Alison has also undertaken novel research into the CT scanning of archaeological textiles, which was a concept previously only used in archaeological mummies from Egypt. Alison utilised the skills developed for this and applied them to scanning archaeological textiles and artefacts including objects from the Galloway Hoard and Must Farm.