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Who exactly are we?

As a fast growing and innovative company, with a UK wide outlook, we tailor solutions to suit the needs of the project and of the client, ensuring projects are delivered on time and to budget. With a presence in #edinburgh, #dundee, #darlington, #hull, #suffolk and Barnard Castle, we've got you covered! We're part of Rocket Group Limited, alongside Rocket Architectural Design & Surveying, Rocket Ecology Limited and Rocket Construction Ltd. Whether you're a developer looking to work with us or a prospective employee looking to work for us, you'll find the same thing - an exciting and professional business, helping to guide our clients through their planning and development issues, whilst having the needs of our team at the core of what we do. Get in touch to find out more!

(A big thanks to Issy Roughan and Chris Howell at Howell Film for the work put into the video!)

#development #planningpermission #multidisciplinary #northeastbusiness #business #housebuilders #construction #architectural #archaeologist #listedbuildings #historicbuildings #northeastengland #architecturaldesign

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