Geophysical Survey

A full range of non-intrusive services to help evaluate risk and plan any necessary fieldwork.

Geophysical survey is a non-intrusive technique that can that help reveal and map archaeological features buried underground.

When an archaeological evaluation is required for planning purposes, geophysical survey can serve as a useful preliminary step as a rapid and economical way of assessing the presence or absence of archaeological remains.

Our team is familiar with a range of geophysical techniques and will work closely with you to find the most suitable method for your project.

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Fieldwork & Evaluation

A full range of fieldwork services, from archaeological evaluation trenching, to excavation and monitoring during construction

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Historic Buildings

Custom services for buildings, monuments, structures, facades, and churches in accordance with Historic England’s guidelines

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Consultancy Services

From before you start your project through to final sign off, we support and provide advice every step of the way

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Geophysical Survey

Innovative, non-intrusive techniques that help reveal and map archaeological features buried underground

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Post Excavation & Burial Archaeology

Everything needed to process, research, identify, report and archive the materials and records produced

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Heritage Related Planning Advice

A full range of heritage services in support of planning applications, including desk-based assessments and Heritage Statements

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Pragmatic, efficient & cost-effective solutions for the most complex and sensitive of developments

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