About Rocket Heritage & Archaeology

Heritage & Archaeology work is specialist and requires experts to ensure your project is properly supported, whatever the size, wherever in the UK.

Our team is fully equipped to handle your heritage and archaeological requirements from a single storey extension to a large-scale infrastructure project.

A holistic approach

Meeting the needs of the project isn’t enough. We focus not only on the development itself, but on the wider impact it has on the site and its surroundings.

From concept to completion

We’ll be your partner from initial planning right through to completion and beyond – ensuring complete peace of mind at all stages of your development.

One team, many skills

We work diligently and transparently as one unified team, drawing on our collective specialisms to give you the full spectrum of in-house expertise

Agile and adaptive, always

We’re outcome focused and success obsessed, ready and willing to embrace change no matter what your project uncovers along the way.

Meet the Rocket Heritage & Archaeology team
It’s not just our wealth of experience. Our approachable, straight talking, can do attitude make us easy to work with and rely upon.

Craig Huddart View bio Arrow

Craig Huddart

CEO & Founder

Natasha Powers View bio Arrow

Natasha Powers

Chief Operating Officer

Anthony Boyce View bio Arrow

Anthony Boyce

Founder, The Rocket Group

Dr Greg Bremner View bio Arrow

Dr Greg Bremner

Regional Director, Scotland

Lee Spink View bio Arrow

Lee Spink

Head of Business Development (England & Wales)

Liz Murray View bio Arrow

Liz Murray

Technical Director, Archaeology and Heritage

Zara Burn View bio Arrow

Zara Burn

Associate Director - Heritage and Archaeology

Constance Durgeat View bio Arrow

Constance Durgeat

Principal Archaeology Consultant

Dr Peter Klemen View bio Arrow

Dr Peter Klemen

Principal Archaeology Consultant

Rachel Pearson View bio Arrow

Rachel Pearson

Senior Heritage Consultant

Alison Douglas View bio Arrow

Alison Douglas

Archaeology & Heritage Consultant

Eilidh Barr View bio Arrow

Eilidh Barr

Project Officer

Dr Adam Goodfellow View bio Arrow

Dr Adam Goodfellow

Project Supervisor

Lizzie Underhill View bio Arrow

Lizzie Underhill

Archaeology Consultant

Evelin Eros View bio Arrow

Evelin Eros

Archaeology and Heritage Consultant

Barney Warren View bio Arrow

Barney Warren

Project Archaeologist

Charlie Whines View bio Arrow

Charlie Whines

Project Archaeologist

John Garner View bio Arrow

John Garner

Project Archaeologist

Daphne Blumer View bio Arrow

Daphne Blumer

Executive PA

Laura Bygate-Pittiglio View bio Arrow

Laura Bygate-Pittiglio



…and you?

We’re actively looking to expand our team of professional heritage & archaeology experts. If you think you have what it takes, then simply get in touch to find out more.

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With a wealth of industry-leading experience and cutting-edge techniques at our disposal, our close-knit, multidisciplinary team will help you tackle your next development with confidence, clarity and peace of mind.

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